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Review: Archetype (Archetype #1) by M.D. Waters

Archetype - M.D. Waters
Oh wow...
I don't know how to review this or where to begin. I am not even sure on how to do it without spoiling the book, but I will try.
Emma wakes up in a hospital with no memory what so ever from what happened before she opened her eyes. All she now knows is what this man Declan, who claims to be her husband tells her about her past. But her dreams shows her another life, life with another man who isn't Declan. Life of war and a camp for girls who are trained to be the perfect wives and love that transcends everything she ever knew.
I haven't read an Adult Dystopia yet and I was pleasantly surprised. It has science-fiction elements in it because the story takes such a long way into the future into a world divided and where it's the West versus the East. Where there is an abundance of man, and not enough women to go around and fertility rates are astronomically love. The science-fiction elements weren't hard to follow M.D Waters does an amazing job explaining them.
Not only that but M.D Water does an fantastic job overall. The story is compelling from the first breath of the first chapter and it doesn't let you go. Riveting and emotion, M.D Waters has taken me for a ride I don't think I will forget. I found myself alongside of Emma wanting answers, wanting to know the truth behind her dream, memories or nightmares and who the other man Noah is to her.
Thought I did have an idea what was going on in the first few 100 pages that only scratched the surface of what M.D Waters had in store for me in the end. Her writing was wonderful, the story well woven and an ending that had me gasping in tears.
All of M.D Waters characters were I loved Emma, and I couldn't help rooting for her to find the answers. To find Noah. To find herself.
Beautiful story, heart-breaking ending.
There was really only one thing I struggled with, but remembering that this was science-fiction was the key. It was in the end and kind of the whole big point of the story, so I cannot go into it without spoiling the book. But it didn't take away from the story for me at all, I have decided that in the end it made it original, imaginative and creative!
I was surprised that it is a duology but at the same time glad, because that means in the next six months the next book is here and I'll get to learn the the conclusion of Emma's Fate! I for one, cannot wait.
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