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Review: Landry Park (Landry Park #1) by Bethany Hagen

Landry Park - Bethany Hagen

In the future, the United States is ruled by a class of gentry that live in the life of lavish and 'riches'. Madeline is a 17 year old Landry who wants nothing more but to attend University and get the privilege to learn, unfortunately the only thing her father wants is for her to get married. Being the oldest and the only Landry daughter, Madeline cannot escape her due over ruling one of the most largest, most respected, and the most influential estates.

Until the night that her world is shaken up when a girl from her childhood is attacked and it's blamed on the Rootless - people with no roots and no laws that the Gentry have been enslaving for years to take out their nuclear charges from their electricity devices.

As Madeline finds herself in the battle between everything that she known's and what she discovers, she finds herself unable to stay away from David and ends up discovering more then what she was ready for.

Great story and an interesting concept of society reverting back to a time of classes, where marriage was an important thing for girls of some status, fancy gowns, lavishing debuts and balls. Yet taking strides at finding ways to light up their places with nuclear charges, which in turn holds a dark history and made a bunch of classless people their slaves.
Bethany Hagen tells a great story that left me guessing until the very end, wanting to know the truth behind the mystery of the Landry bloodline and what had happened to the Rootless to place them in the world they are today.
Yes there was romance, and I couldn't say that it's a triangle, but it left me kind of confused as a result. I really liked David and Madeline, I thought he questioned and challenged her beliefs a lot which in turn opened her eyes to a bigger picture.I don't know 100% how I felt about the way the romance was done. It was different, there was some holes and I didn't understand why it took so long to resolve. But like I said, different, which in turn is refreshing. There is also two other characters in the book that I cannot go deep into without giving it away, but the whole romance part I never seen coming. One was a bit surprising and I was confused since there had not been much hints in the book for the outcome, and the second has also left me with questions since Madeline seems to feel like she knows them but it is never revealed why or how.
The book got bolder towards the end, with a shocking ending that left my jaw hanging. Once again, did not really feel that one coming, but was quiet interested. Almost all the actions happen in the end, but the book was well worth it for me! I am looking forward of discovering what happens to Madeline next.
I got a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.
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