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Escape from Eden by Elisa Nader

Escape from Eden - Elisa Nader
Terrific! Not at all what I expected. Mia has been living for the past few years in Edenton, a small community of people that is 'ruled' by a preacher who has been luring people into his fanatical followers. Edenton is suppose to be a new start, help people and provide a safe sense of security and religion. First of all, Escape of Eden is not a religious book, far from it. Elisa Nader knows how to take you for a ride. Escape from Eden was both thrilling and exciting. It's gripping from the very start and kept me indulged and entertained the whole way.
The story itself took me by surprise, and the secrets that Mia found and revealed along the way came unexpected. Thought Edenton is ruled by a preacher who rules with an iron fist and brings his teachings from the bible, the real face of Edenton is ugly and horrible. Mia wants nothing more then to escape this 'perfect' community, so when she starts to question the rules of Edenton she catches the eye of the wrong men.
Gabriel came to Edenton with his family, in hopes that Edenton and the preacher would save him after a horrible tragedy It's the last place he want's to be. Outspoken, proud and defiant, he gives Edenton security a run for their money. When he meets Mia, he knows there is something different about the girl and together they question the community and why do these so called protectors carry guns, why no one was able to leave Edenton and what Prayer Circle really is.
When the preacher starts to show his true colors, escaping from Edenton will be the hardest thing they have ever done.
Really enjoyed this one. Was something different. Could not put it down. I really liked Elisa's story telling and writing. It was surprising, and it flowed really well. I am glad this one gave us a well rounded ending and not ended up with one of those cliffhangers.
There was romance, and secrets, and mystery that kept me guessing and wondering until the very end. There had been some moments that made me pause and question it, but the rest made up for it. I am looking forward to more books from this author.
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