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Review: Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths #1) by K.A. Tucker

Ten Tiny Breaths  - K.A. Tucker


I got this book for free through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!


I was so excited about this book, especially when I got approved for reading and reviewing this. I came into it knowing it had amazing reviews, but I didn't know why. The story is about a girl named Kacey, who's life changed drastically four years ago. After her car was hit by a drunk driver, Kacey watched her parents, her best friend and her boyfriend die while she laid there unable to do anything about it holding her boyfriends lifeless hand and listening as her mother took her final breaths.


The ten tiny breath is something she lives by, something her mother told her to do if she felt like she was starting to lose control. Kacey was never sure why, as far as she sees it, it never worked for her.


With a bus ticket in hand, she escapes her uncle with her younger sister Livie and moves to a small apartment in Miami in hopes of starting over.


It was a beautiful emotional story about a girl that's quiet broken as she struggles to provide some kind of a life for her younger sister, without relapsing to the old days when she spend drinking and always staying in trouble in order to numb herself from the pain. With the help of one of her neighbors, Kacey gets a job as a bartender in a strip club in order to survive but her inner struggles continue. They say you go through five stages of grief, but Kacey seems to be stuck and unable to move on emotionally.


Until Trent comes along... Her mysterious neighbor next door that pays cash for everything that he owns. Trent wants to help Kacey move on and because of him she had never felt so alive. But Kacey had been dependent on sex before, and Trent is a living, breathing male that she has a hard time with the attraction between them.


This story was just an emotional wreck, digging deep into grief, telling a haunting tale of loss, love and friendship. Kacey's journey to recovery is an emotional one, that is also very heart breaking. I found myself spilling tears a couple of times. But the support that she had from her new friends was also very endearing. The author tore my heart, healed it, and then dropped the biggest bomb in the book that had my nerves and feelings frazzled.


Okay so I saw it coming, but I guess I just didn't prepare myself enough. That is what happens when you get so emotionally invested in the book. When everything came crashing down on Kacey, it was impossible not to feel the pain and devastation she had to endure. I love how much passion the author had put into the book, I felt every grief, it made me sad and angry but that was part of the books appeal to me.


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